Two Loved Ones


Two Loved Ones

This is the story of two  loved ones. The Loved Ones (the Sixties originals)  could be seen at the Mad Hatter at 120 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne for under $2 , once upon a time. INXS, whose first hit was a copy of The Loved One, eventually became millionaires.



The Loved Ones and INXS

Loved Ones singer Gerry Humphrys (sic) below could never get anyone to spell his name right but at venues like the T.F. Much Ballroom at Cathedral Hall, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy – he was part of a local Melbourne scene which would invent Oz Rock.

When INXS (below) put down their version of The Loved One  they continued the legacy. They conquered the world and The Bulletin dubbed them ‘the millionaires of Australian rock.”

It all began in places like the Wollongong RSL Club for them, just as it had happened for The Loved Ones for $1.50 on the door at the T.F. Ballroom.

Unlike the American and British music industries, Australian rock bands tend to collaborate and cover each others’ work more frequently.  Along with these two examples of the same song, there are The Easybeats to consider. Wedding Ring was covered by Sports. I’ll Make You Happy was covered by Divinyls.



INXS Flier 49 99


Go Set Loved Ones arrested



Rediscovering The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones’ Gerry Humphries ended his musical career in Australia and ended it by working in the health sector instead, in England. Michael Hutchence was not his only admirer. Nick Cave is also a fan – particularly of Gerry’s version of  Ever Lovin’ Man.

YouTube offers a good selection of archival Loved Ones clips, below, like this segment from ABC-TV’s late 1970’s music show GTK.

For direct sources on The Loved Ones, Go-Set magazine is the best resource.  For original features and interviews on INXS particularly from the Eighties, look to Smash Hits and Countdown magazines, along with Rolling Stone.





The Loved Ones on GTK
The Loved Ones on GTK

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