April, 2022

Welcome to AMMP April-June 2022 and the latest news on Lord Paul McCartney rumours, along with his Glastonbury appearance. Pattie Boyd is launching her work as a NFT. In Dublin, Ireland is preparing its annual homage to David Bowie. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are launching their own streaming channel and if you still have time for more music in your life, the Smash Hits archive is online.

Happy Birthday to these legends, past and present

Birthdays  April – June

Jimmy Cliff, April 1st 1948
Keren Woodward, April 2nd 1963
Dave Hill, April 4th 1952
Brian Setzer, April 10th 1959
Neville Staples, April 11th 1956
David Cassidy, April 12th 1950
Dave Edmunds, April 15th 1944
Gerry Rafferty, April 16th 1947
Pete Shelley, April 17th 1955

Alan Price, April 19th 1942
Iggy Pop, April 21st 1947
Robert Smith, April 21st 1959
Captain Sensible, April 23rd 1955
Kate Pierson, April 27th 1948
Link Wray, May 2nd 1935
Steve Jones May 3rd 1955
Ian McCulloch, May 5th 1959
Sid Vicious, May 10th 1957
Ian Dury, May 12th 1942
Brian Eno, May 15th 1948
Wreckless Eric, May 18th 1954
Pete Townshend, May 19th 1945
Joey Ramone, May 19th 1952
Jerry Dammers, May 22nd 1954
Morrissey, May 22nd 1959
Neil Finn, May 27th 1956
Siouxsie Sioux, May 27th 1957
Roland Gift, May 28th 1962
Topper Headon, May 30th 1955
Mike Joyce, June 1st 1963
Jim Lea, June 14th 1949
Noddy Holder, June 15th 1946
Sir Paul McCartney, June 18th 1942
Brian Wilson, June 20th 1942
Sir Ray Davies, June 21st 1944
Tim Finn, June 25th 1952
Mick Jones, June 26th 1955


What to play this month

Dave Davies’ Kinks Playlist

Dave Davies of The Kinks was asked on Twitter to pick a song from the band’s repertoire that’s new for your playlist.  National Geographic’s David Beard recently asked Davies:

“Dave, if you had to pick one today (know it could change tomorrow) which @TheKinks song is the most relevant today? Strangers? A Face in the Crowd?”

— David Beard (@dabeard) March 22, 2022

A Face In The Crowd was written and sung by Sir Ray Davies, as Dave Davies didn’t write or sing many of the band’s tracks. It was never one of the big hit singles (below) but it’s the younger Davies’ top choice.

However, the few songs he did create ― including Strangers ― are favourites of Kinks fans.

Dave Davies: “I think Strangers is more relevant we have to be kinder to each other, more understanding.”

— Dave Davies (@davedavieskinks) March 22, 2022

In 2015, Davies told L.A. Record that while “Strangers” might sound melancholy, it’s actually an optimistic song:

“It’s giving up something to get more. The guy in the song, the protagonist or the singer or me or whatever, he’s trying to say, ‘Alright, I’ve had enough—but what are you doing? Maybe we can find out what life’s about together.’ Which in a way covers a lot of different aspects of the human mind and being, really. Because it could be about all of us. Maybe we’re all intimately connected at some level? Not just a boy and girl or two guys that meet and try and make a go of it.”





Memorabilia of the month

Don’t miss Pattie Boyd’s entry into the NFT world as we go into the second quarter of 2022. For more visit @ThePattieBoyd.

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