For the Record

For the Record

AMMP or The Australian Music Museum Project is a non-profit website open to anyone who wishes to research or study the history of modern Australian music 1950-1990.  This website is also a place for review and criticism of albums, books, clips, films and television series about modern Australian music.

Where possible AMMP acknowledges all creators of the work on this website and provides links to all sources, and click-to-purchase sites like iTunes and Amazon. It is not always possible to trace creators for all content as third-party sites like Facebook, YouTube and other social media may not always give sources.  Despite this, we hope AMMP will help music students in particular with its news reporting, comment and scholarship.

Please contact us in Comments or at @ammptv  for the correction of any attribution and acknowledgement – or for other issues. Thanks!



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Photograph your Australian music memories – badges, posters, magazines, album covers, t-shirts and send them in. Casettes break. Paper fades. T-shirts fall apart. We need to know what remains. And tell us where and when you saved the memory, if you can. Submit your photo below.

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