Complicated Game Andy Partridge

Andy Partridge – The Podcast

This is a really good podcast/YouTube exclusive with Andy Partridge, Mark Ellen and David Hepworth (The Word) hooking up computers in June 2020 – to discuss toy soldiers, Magic Robot his ‘spectrum’ and ‘resident Rainman’ tendencies and other ongoing Partridge passions.

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The Cure

A Forest (1980)

A Forest, performed in the key of A minor, with a 4/4 drum pattern and famous flanging (two signals mixed together with delay) was produced by Mike Hedges who also worked on Boys Don’t Cry and Charlotte Sometimes.

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Ian Curtis Grave

Ian Curtis 1980 in 2020

On May 18th 2020 Joy Division’s Ian Curtis has been gone for 40 years. The band’s most famous song, Love Will Tear Us Apart, has been remastered

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