Ian Meldrum’s 1973 Playlist

Meldrum Go-Set March 17 1973.pdf

Ian Meldrum’s 1973 Playlist

Ian Meldrum’s playlist from March 17th 1973 in Go-Set, (his regular Rave Albums of the Week list) features both Lou Reed and Carly Simon for inspiration.

Go-Set March 17th 1973

Lou Reed, Carly Simon and Elton John
Among Ian Meldrum’s March 17th 1973 picks were:

Kerry Biddell: Kerry Biddell.
Please Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player: Elton John.
Lou Reed: Lou Reed.
No Secrets: Carly Simon.

You’re So Vain from the No Secrets album made Carly Simon famous and was a massive hit.

Also on the Ian Meldrum list for March 1973?

Live in Concert: Derek and the Dominoes.
They Only Come Out at Night: Edgar Winter Group.
Transformer: Lou Reed.
Hot Rock 64-71: The Rolling Stones.
The Divine Miss M: Bette Midler.
Golden Decade: Chuck Berry.

No Secrets was released on November 28, 1972 and spent five weeks at No. 1 on the US Billboar chart and You’re So Vain also went to No. 1 in America.

Lou Reed chosen by Ian Meldrum

Lou Reed’s debut, self-named album from April 1972 did not even make it into the Top 20. With guest appearances from Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe (Yes) it was allegedly recorded with the lights out.

They Only Come Out at Night was the third studio album by Edgar Winter and the first by the Edgar Winter Group.

Frankenstein was the hit.

Transformer was the second solo album by Lou Reed and became a landmark of Glam Rock, produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson and released in November 1972. The hit was Walk on the Wild Side.

Edgar Winter an Ian Meldrum favourite

The Lou Reed/Ian Meldrum Playlist

Satellite of Love


Lou Reed Transformer

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