Whatever Happened to Slade?


Slade have found new fans all over again in 2024 with the publication of a new book. Word In Your Ear calls it “A rambunctious reminder of a vanished world” in a YouTube interview with biographer Daryl Easlea.

Slade as Football Terrace Heroes

As WIYE points out, “Slade were as revolutionary as T. Rex or Roxy Music, Daryl Easlea points out. At one stage they were outselling Bowie and Bolan. They were the band that hauled the sedentary early ‘70s audience to its feet.”

“The sound of the Ramones was built around ‘Slade Alive!’ and you can feel them in the bones of the Pistols and Oasis.”

“We talk here to Daryl about his funny, energetic, nostalgic and affectionate new book, ‘Whatever Happened to Slade?: When The Whole World Went Crazee’, stopping off at various stations on the route, among them … … why there are “two tiers of Slade”. … the drunken conversation that turned them into a skinhead band overnight. … a key moment involving Crispian St Peters, Kim Fowley and the Tiles Club. … what made them football terrace heroes. … how these “smashers and grabbers” tore up the live circuit. … the very ‘70s way they dealt with Don Powell’s accident. … why American audiences had their “mellow harshed”. … the publican’s son who styled them. … the transformational moment at the ’72 Lincoln Festival. … the story of the ‘Give Us A Goal’ video filmed at Brighton’s Goldstone Ground. … and why the main salesman in their line-up was the one “with tinsel in his veins”.

Whatever Happened to Slade?

Slade on Twitter

Daryl Easlea is on Twitter along with the new Slade fans as well as people who were there in the Seventies.

In fact, Slade as a band has inspired Waterstones in Wolverhampton to display just about every book about the band, or by the band. As they say, Come On, Read the Noize.

SLADE Waterstones Wolverhampton

A Slade Playlist

If you’re looking for a playlist, this is a favourite at Omnibus Press, starting with 1. How Does It Feel.

A Slade Playlist

Mama Weer All Crazee Now


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