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Kinks’ Rarities – Australia

Australia is just one of the handpicked, obscure Kinks’ finds on a new anthology put together by the band. The Journey was released in April 2023.

Meanwhile, the Kinks’ Dave Davies has appealed to Elon Musk to stop putting content warnings on posts related to the band, on his Twitter account.

One of Davies’s tweets promoting a video carried a sensitive content warning, thought to be because of the band’s name. Musk apparently, being unaware of The Kinks’ legend.

In a tweet, Davies said: “Dear Elon Musk, would Twitter please stop putting warnings on everything from ‘The Kinks.’ We are just trying to promote our Kinks music.”

The Journey – 60 Years of The Kinks

To launch The Journey, Absolute Radio and Tim’s Listening Party (Tim Burgess) interviewed Mick Avory and Dave Davies. Sir Ray Davies has also been speaking to The Sun recently about the band’s handpicked selection of tracks.

Dave Davies recounted to Burgess that when The Kinks opened for The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney was concerned that they were a little too popular. You can listen to the album now on YouTube.


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