The Beatles’ Savile Row Bands


Badfinger and Stealer’s Wheel on Apple 

A new box set covering the Apple talent on Savile Rowe (and other Beatles’ operations) takes us from 1967 to 1975 – mostly handpicked by John, Paul, George and Ringo.  Uncovered demo recordings and forgotten singles are part of a nod to the band’s foray into the music business. Released ahead of Peter Jackson’s new documentary (profiled here in GQ) it’s a thorough collection.

The Beatles’ New Film

Gerry Rafferty on Apple
Good As Gold contains lost recording sessions, as well as singles. Disc Four has The Savile Row Sound (site of The Beatles’ famous rooftop concert) covered from 1971 onwards, with female rock band Fanny, as well as Gerry Rafferty’s Stealer’s Wheel – and Stuck in the Middle With You.

The Beatles Savile Row property is now an Abercrombie & Fitch shop for children. The staircase has gone and the skyline view on the right-hand side, but the left-hand view, made famous by Get Back, remains as it was in 1968 when the band purchased the building. The studio was in the basement. Even Marc Bolan recorded there before it was finally sold in 1976.

Under the legendary rooftop, Stealer’s Wheel, Grapefruit and other Apple hopefuls tried their luck.

Fanny Hill – The First All-Female Rock Band

Hey Bulldog is covered by what is agreed by most music writers, to be the first all-female rock band. An early Apple discovery at Savile Row. The band took a song that was never on The Beatles’ hit list and produced an Apple cover that might have struck gold, in another era.


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Along with less well-known names like Fairfield Ski and Chris Sievey, the box set offers The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Mike McGear and Badfinger. The Beatles’ Apple experiment was a creative success if not always a financial one.

The Ghosts of 94 Baker Street

At 94 Baker Street, the Beatles’ Apple demo studio entertained Jackie Lomax, Drew and Dy, Jack Hollingshead, Focal Point and many more – all uncovered for this collection.  Out on Cherry Red, Good As Gold is available now. 

The Beatles on Savile Row


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