Wreckless Eric – After Covid

Wreckless Eric

Surviving COVID-19 and returning to his cult following online diary, Wreckless Eric has more to say in 2021.  In fact, it’s hard to think about any of the original Stiff musicians who have a bigger presence online. Wreckless Eric is @thewreckeric on Twitter, for example:

 Wreckless Eric – Alive and Well

The Dysfunctional World website diary 

Whole Wide World 

Recent Eric observations not only include a 2020 brush with COVID-19 but also the Royal Family, here.

The Wreckless Eric Website exists separately to the diaries and there is also a radio show, with archived playlists.

The Wreckless Eric Book

One of the best-reviewed music autobiographies in recent years (see Twitter profile photograph, above) the Wreckless Eric story, from school to Stiff, is about the Sixties as much as the punk Seventies. So – Happy Birthday Wreckless Eric.


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