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The Get Up!

Madness Get Up! 

Fresh from lifting pantry items (instead of lifting weights) during London’s long COVID-19 winter – Suggs has a new Madness music quiz for fans of the band. It’s part of the Madness 2021 schedule, tied to The Get Up!

The Get Up!  at The London Palladium (with special guests Roland Gift, Charlie Higson and Paul Weller) in May 2021 was the band’s first live concert without a live audience.

The quiz is something anyone can attempt (below) even if you missed out on tickets for The Get Up! or can’t make the Dublin November 2021 concert.

Madness and Squeeze in Dublin 

The Get Up! (below, from the Madness YouTube channel) is the early warm-up for the concert with Squeeze, scheduled on 29th November, 2021 in Dublin.

Suggs’ Madness Music Quiz

Before We Was We

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