Squeeze 2021 UK Tour

East Side Story at 40

 East Side Story at 40

The 40th anniversary of East Side Story coincides with a new tour for Squeeze on a double bill with Madness.

 Squeeze 1981-2021 

This MTV documentary with Jools Holland at ‘a rather horrible pub’ and Chris Difford claiming to be a plumber and some rare rehearsal footage comes at the end of the Eighties and a few years after the classic Squeeze masterpiece. With a November Dublin concert alreadysold out, the December tour runs from Aberdeen to London’s 02 Arena on December 18th 2021.

Hear Chris Difford’s 1974 Diary

If you haven’t yet caught up with Chris Difford’s 1974 diary in the hit BBC radio series My Teenage Diary, listen here.

“My diaries in those days were mainly stolen from Boots the Chemist…”

There is also a recent 2021 interview with Chris Difford, Mark Ellen and David Hepworth as part of the Word In Your Ear series with nods to Difford’s acclaimed autobiography, Some Fantastic Place, in the conversation.

Labelled With Love – Forty Years On

As Squeeze prepares for new fan requests from an album which first hit the British Top 20 four decades ago, some of the stories behind the recording are worth revisiting. This is from the Elvis Costello biography, Complicated Shadows. (And yes, the single broke through and became a modern classic). The Ladykillers tour with Madness is on sale now.




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