Ian Curtis Remembered on Twitter

Ian Curtis on Twitter at stephenpdmorris

Joy Division Archives and Updates 

May 18th is always remembered by fans of Ian Curtis and Joy Division, and Twitter has become the unofficial online archive for rare photographs, Joy Division/New Order collectables and accounts, run by Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris – and those who were there in Manchester.

This photograph (above) is from the Stephen Morris account on Twitter @stephenpdmorris.

Below: Joy Division photograph from the Dave Haslam account; Ian Curtis autograph from the @Birmingham_81 account.

From the Dave Haslam Twitter account @Mr_Dave_Haslam
From @Birmingham_81 on Twitter

Joy Division in the NME 1980

Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert

The Twitter accounts run by Joy Division or New Order members update fans on special events (like the Tim’s Listening Party calendar) and insiders’ insights. These are peg dolls from Gillian Gilbert/Morris’s account, below – and a portrait of her, also from the same account on Twitter.

From @gillian_gilbert

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