Pistols TV Series Wardrobe

John Lydon in Smash Hits

Designing The Sex Pistols on TV

“I’m not allowed to say which jumpers are being used, but I can say they will feature in the shop scene – inside Vivienne Westwood’s first shop that she opened in London. It’s all very exciting, I still can’t quite believe it.”

Punking Up a Public Image

The owner of Sex Pistols-inspired knitwear outlet  Punk It Up is just one of an army of creatives now working on the new Sex Pistols’ television series. Directed by Danny Boyle (below) it has been filmed partly through COVID-19 masks.

Pistol – Six Episodes for 2021

FX has ordered a six-episode limited series, ‘Pistol’, based on ‘Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol’, the memoir by band’s guitarist, Steve Jones, directed and executive produced by Danny Boyle.

Punk It Up

Punk It Up, based in a garden shed, can be found here and ships worldwide. 

Original BOY advertisement in NME
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