Smiths Back Vegan Curry House

Morrissey inspires curry house

The Smiths Back New Vegan Curry House

A new Manchester restaurant, known as This Charming Naan, has been backed by some of The Smiths – if not Morrissey himself. This meat-free new curry house picks up where Morrissey left off, in the Eighties, promoting Meat is Murder in Smash Hits.

Menu dishes in the Smiths-decorated curry house include Girlfriend In A Korma and How Saag Is Now?

Mike Joyce Orders a Smiths Bhaji

Former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce has named a dish on the menu – Last Night I Dreamt That Some Bhaji Loved Me.

Run by vegan and music fan Max Paley, This Charming Naan has  even the support of Johnny Marr’s vegan son.

Smiths Dishes and Joy Division

Try this Manchester menu at home (Zoom Smiths Curry sessions, anyone?)

Heaven Knows I’m Masala Now
Madras is Murder
Headmaster’s Roti
Vada in a Tutu

Or, may want to order the Joy Division homage, Love Will Tears us A-Pathia, or (a nod to The Beatles up the road in Liverpool) Let it Bhuna.

Festival Food
Inevitably, This Charming Naan has plans to attend festivals in This Charming Van, when Covid restrictions ease.

In the meantime, Smiths obsessive Max Paley can serve Manchester locals takeaway for at-home Smiths listening and dining. This Charming Man and This Charming Naan. Why not? Perhaps this Smiths curry house could even curry favour with Morrissey himself.

Morrissey Meat is Murder


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