From Dr. Who to Laurie Anderson


From Dr. Who to Laurie Anderson

Sisters With Transistors is the documentary film narrated by Laurie Anderson, about Dr. Who theme creator Delia Derbyshire, among other women pioneers of electronic music.

The new film has been acclaimed at festivals worldwide in 2020 and is ready for its virtual internet debut on April 23rd with Metrograph Pictures.

Sisters With Transistors

Directed by Lisa Rovner, it’s the forgotten history of women in electronic music – the unsung heroines of those strange, haunting sounds which were decades ahead of their time.

The documentary includes Pauline Oliveros, Suzanne Ciani (nominated for a Grammy five times) and Laurie Spiegel – just a few faces in the list of ten revolutionary women in the film.

Delia and Doctor Who

The Delian Mode (Kara Blake, 2009) is a short documentary (now here on YouTube) about the British electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, who created the Doctor Who theme. The website is here.

The Who Theme
Here’s an important part of the sisters’ story. A fascinating look inside the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with Dick Mills, Brian Hodgson, Verity Lambert and Delia  – and how they brought composer Ron Grainer’s Doctor Who theme to life using electronic music.

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