New T-Rex Magazine


New T-Rex Magazine

The new T-Rex UNCUT tribute magazine is in the shops from January 2021 and you can order a copy online now.

T-Rex Classic

Bolan Fifty Years On

Tyrannosaurus Rex, originally an acoustic duo featuring Marc Bolan and the percussionist Steve Peregrin-Took, is now celebrating around 50 years of legendary status. Screaming fandom that the press called T Rextasy in the Seventies, has gone, to be replaced by musical peer worship instead. In fact, YouTube has made Bolan a bigger star than ever. Along with a recent star-studded tribute album in 2020.

U2 Cover Get It On

In September 2020, as part of the Marc Bolan tribute album, Angelheaded Hipster, U2 released a cover of Get It On. It features Bolan’s friend Elton John as guest pianist – a role he also played T-Rex played the song on Top of the Pops, Christmas 1971.

T-Rex 50 Years Later

Elton John on Marc Bolan

He wore makeup during the day,” remembers Elton John, in an interview with The Guardian, “which I’d never seen a man do before – I thought that was so cool”

Marc Bolan

Angelheaded Hipster

The Bolan tribute album, Angelheaded Hipster, also features Nick Cave, Todd Rundgren and Marc Almond. And – Joan Jett.

Joan Jett Performs Jeepster

“I think he was just too androgynous for a lot of folks here,” suggests Joan Jett, about America’s reluctance to embrace Marc Bolan. Jett is another Angelheaded Hipster contributor, seen here performing Jeepster.

Bolan and Billy Idol

Unusually for a glam rocker, Bolan was in the audience for the Ramones’ first UK gig. He took the Damned on tour and his children’s television show, Marc, hosted punk bands including Generation X. Tragically, he passed away aged just 29. The best documentary on Bolan is from Channel Four, on YouTube. Dandy in the Underworld, with many famous Bolan and T-Rex fans including Billy Idol.




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