Let It Be and Get Back


Let It Be – Again

The recent passing of Phil Spector has made Beatles’ fans curious about the new version of Let It Be (on film anyway) seen in the happy, energetic new August 2021 release documentary, The Beatles: Get Back by Peter Jackson. Looks like 1969 is being repackaged for 2021, but this time edited in New Zealand.

Phil Spector and Let It Be
Spector, who passed away in January 2021,  produced Let It Be with background studio chatter by The Beatles and orchestral and choir overdubs on four of the songs. McCartney replaced it in 2003 with the alternative mix in Let It Be…Naked, which left out The Beatles’ comments and Spector’s flourishes.

The Beatles are Back Again

Peter Jackson and Get Back

Peter Jackson’s team worked with the same digital restoration techniques they used for They Shall Not Grow Old, the World War I documentary.

Unheard and Unseen Beatles

56 hours of never-before-seen footage, and more than 150 hours of previously-unheard audio goes into The Beatles: Get Back, from the Let It Be sessions.  What fans thought the band had ‘let be’ for years was a sulky, often silent break-up captured on film. Peter Jackson, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and the Beatles’ families, have delivered something completely different.

Get Back Ringo

Mark Ellen and David Hepworth – The Word

For a great podcast discussion on the new Peter Jackson re-imagining of Let It Be, this is The Word.

The Beatles: Get Back

“Morning! Morning, everybody!” Ringo offers, at the start of the clip, cutting to John Lennon fooling around with Paul. “And now, your host for the evening, The Bottles,” John adds. See for yourself. Let It Be? No, try Getting Back. This is The Beatles from 1969 with the comedy you never knew was there,  great suits, hugging (and cups of tea).


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