Surry Hills Apartment Blessed By Blondie & Chrissie On Market

Blondie image from 1977 Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Missed out on partying with Blondie and Chrissie Amphlett? Throw a wild housewarming party in this Surry Hills chic rock goddess apartment!

While some new home owners use sage to “energetically cleanse’ emotional energy lingering around from previous occupants, whoever comes out the winner at the auction for 3/336 Crown Street, Surry Hills, will need to research how they do the exact opposite.  The apartment regularly had the likes of Debbie Harry and Chrissie Amphlett spend time there, so it’s likely the new owners will want to lock in that kind of dynamic energy instead of letting it go!


The Divinyls from 1995 with Chrissie Amplett centre and Mark McEntee on far right
Blondie image from 1977 Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The chic French-style two-bedroom apartment has been owned by Melanie Greensmith – whose husband Mark McEntee is a founding member of the iconic rock band Divinyl – for many decades. “We shot and hung out with Debbie Harry there, also Elly May — Jimmy Barnes’s daughter — and Katy Steele of Little Birdy,” Greensmith shared with Wentworth Courier real estate journalist Stephen Nicholls. Greensmith, who ran the fashion label Wheels & Dollbaby, also mentioned to Nicholls that Divinyls Chrissie Amphlett stayed in the apartment for a while when visiting Sydney.

Debbie Harry photographed in the apartment (image – Wentworth Courier Online)
The living room of 3/336 Crown Street Surry Hills apartment today (credit: Wentworth Courier online)

The bespoke silk wallpaper crafted by de Gournay, part of the backdrop for the Debbie Harry shoot, is still on the walls. And with it being walking distance so many pubs and clubs, it is truly a magical find for anyone passionate about music, particularly from decades when artists such as Blondie and Divinyls ruled supreme.

Image from a Wheels & Dollbaby fashion shoot done in apartment (Image – Wheels & Dollbaby Instagram)

The property has a $825,000 price guide for the March 14 auction through Ray White Taylor + Partners. Visit for more details along with inspection dates and times.

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