Rock Family Trees

Pete Farmer’s Rock Family Trees The Who? Related to who? From Pink Floyd to Punk  – and hard to find now in their original editions,

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If you want inspiration for your next playlist, or just want to know the excruciating detail about a favourite song (1960-1990) then you’ve come to the right place. AMMP is also about the cassette tape artwork, the T-Shirts and the posters. The lost interviews and the videos, as we once called them. On videotape…

Welcome to AMMP

If you want to know which three songs Robert Smith was listening to when The Cure recorded A Forest, or why some music books are better than others, this is your website. Beyond the lost TV on YouTube from Countdown, Top of the Pops, The Old Grey Whistle Test and MTV, you can find new tunes to buy and old bands to love again.

This is the worldwide web, but as a mix tape. So if you miss the days when fantastic songs were recorded from CD to cassette tape on something that looked like a black fridge, we are here to help. Follow on Twitter in the strange new world of 2020 and beyond and find out how Nick Cave’s doing it. Because Nick Cave is still doing it.

Beyond YouTube

AMMP is an online space for rusty punk-era badges, treasured bass guitars, online museums, virtual exhibitions, Radio Birdman walking tours and more.  Find out what’s in Little Pattie’s old fan scrapbooks.  Retrace the steps of Melbourne psychedelia at The Thumping Tum –  or uncover Grant McLennan’s library.  Find out why a Go-Betweens box set is nearly $4000 these days – and what happened to The Saints’ old mixing desk.

Exclusive content, like a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Amphlett Lane in Melbourne by artist Peter Gouldthorpe is part of what AMMP is all about. We also track Australian exhibitions, from libraries to art galleries, which celebrate our past. Want to know where to find the Max Q side of Michael Hutchence? Start here.

AMMP is about The Kinks to The Buzzcocks. The Smiths to Blur. It’s about new ways to walk around/cycle around town with your headphones on for the mandatory one hour day. And it’s about all the stuff that was previously never online.

If you want to send in a photograph, make a suggestion, offer a story – then Welcome to Wherever You Are.  The future of 21st century music is GLAM. Galleries. Libraries. Archives. Museums.  Think of AMMP as one of many digital versions of the above and get what you’re looking for (even if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for).



Contribute to AMMP

Submit your best music book review, which we’ll reproduce from your blog or website, and enjoy your next book or album, on us. We pay US$30 per review.

Follow us @ammptv and send your screen shot, link and Word document to our News and Content Editor.