The Cure

A Forest (1980)

A Forest, performed in the key of A minor, with a 4/4 drum pattern and famous flanging (two signals mixed together with delay) was produced by Mike Hedges who also worked on Boys Don’t Cry and Charlotte Sometimes.

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Albums. Musicians. Memories. Playlists.

Australian music memories – badges, posters, magazines, album covers, t-shirts, venues due for demolition – are part of a living national band museum. Cassettes break. Paper fades. T-shirts fall apart. We need to know what remains and we need to preserve the past for the future. Special thanks to Asporea, Marshall Cullen, Charley Drayton, Goddess Media, Jenny Valentish, Michael Witheford.

Welcome to AMMP

We began AMMP, the Australian Music Museum Project, to help the campaign for a modern music museum in a country that has never had one.  AMMP is really about GLAM Rock (Galleries Libraries Archives and Museums) – 20th century music, preserved. Thanks to all of you who sent in photographs, stories and news. Keep it coming!

In a partnership between Arts Centre Melbourne and ARIA, The Australian Music Vault is now the Melbourne home of GLAM Rock but the mission continues in other states. This is not about glass cases, so much as – guided tours. Podcasts. Whatever works!

Image: The Australian Music Vault.

The Australian Music Vault
The Australian Music Vault

Beyond Museums

Beyond the idea of music museums, AMMP is an online space for rusty punk-era badges, treasured bass guitars, Radio Birdman walking tours and more.  Find out what’s in Little Pattie’s old fan scrapbooks.  Retrace the steps of Melbourne psychedelia at The Thumping Tum –  or uncover Grant McLennan’s library.  Find out why a Go-Betweens box set is nearly $4000 these days – and what happened to The Saints’ old mixing desk.

Exclusive content, like a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Amphlett Lane in Melbourne by artist Peter Gouldthorpe is part of what AMMP is all about. We also track Australian exhibitions, from libraries to art galleries, which celebrate our past. Want to know where to find a portrait of Michael Hutchence? Start here.

AMMP is about protecting Australian rock. The threatened music venues – particularly the pubs and theatres. It is also about uncovering all the buried Australian rock treasure from the past.

If you want to send in a photograph, make a suggestion, offer a story – then Welcome to Wherever You Are.  The future of 20th century Australian music is GLAM. Galleries.Libraries. Archives. Museums.  Think of AMMP as one of many digital versions of the above.

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Photograph your Australian music memories – badges, posters, magazines, album covers, t-shirts and send them in. Casettes break. Paper fades. T-shirts fall apart. We need to know what remains. And tell us where and when you saved the memory, if you can. Submit your photo below.

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