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Welcome to AMMP – The Australian Music Museum Project

It’s finally happened.

We began AMMP, the Australian Music Museum Project, to help the campaign for a national contemporary music museum in a country that has never had one. Now, with The Australian Music Vault in Melbourne and two new campuses for The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, we’re there. Thank you to everyone who got on board.

The next part – beyond 2020 – is even more fun. In a country as vast as Australia with such a diverse musical history (Kylie to TISM) how can one place pull it all together? The answer is, it probably can’t.

Australia may yet have music history spaces in every state, in every capital city – and beyond. Not unlike the old Countdown map of Australia which lit up the nation in neon lights, for most Sunday nights in the Seventies and Eighties. It’s up for discussion and AMMP is one of the many, many websites currently discussing just that.

How to Use AMMP

AMMP is a digital exhibition (of your old posters, tickets, badges, backstage passes, fliers – and who knows what else, if you’re a Hard-Ons fan). It’s also a meeting point for people who want to push  back against the destruction of Australia’s music heritage. AMMP is a non-profit website. If you want to send in a photograph, make a suggestion, offer a story – then Welcome to Wherever You are.




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