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Welcome to the Australian Music Museum Project

It’s time that Australia had a national music museum.

In 2014 it’s 40 years since Countdown and Double J began. The cassette tapes are breaking. The posters are fading. The T-shirts are falling apart. Famous faces are leaving us. It’s time for a national music museum and hall of fame.

If we don’t act quickly, decades of iconic Australian experiences will be lost forever. The memories of thousands of incredible performances, the stories of artists who’ve gone from treading dusty floorboards in our dingiest pubs to becoming iconic musicians, and the collections of memorabilia you can’t put a price on – these precious pieces of history all need a home.

Every Australian has an experience with music, and it’s fundamentally important to our national life that we preserve it for future generations.

Our memories don’t last forever.

And with the passing of so many great names in recent years, we are losing those incredible memories for all time.



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